Love is one of our most fundamental human needs. 


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You didn’t expect to be single at this stage in your life. The idea of starting over is daunting. The dating world has changed. You’ve changed. Where do you begin? Is it even possible to find love at this age? Take it from two women who have been there. It is.

Come join an intimate circle of women who are re-entering the dating world. You'll laugh and have fun. You may shed some tears. You’ll meet other women on a similar quest. You'll increase the odds of being in the right place, at the right time, and open to love when it arrives.

This is an 8 week experiential workshop where you'll learn proven tools and techniques to finding your lasting love.

Dating SUPPORT for women over 45


at last

Find lasting love

  • How to challenge your limiting beliefs and find healthier perspectives about love.
  • How to build self-compassion, confidence and resilience during the dating process.
  • What matters most in a partner at this stage. Really and truly. No judgements.
  • What you bring to the relationship. Many women underestimate their own worth.
  • How to let go of energy drains, negativity and doubters.
  • What to do after a good date and how to recover from a bad date. 
  • How to focus on the essence of your desire instead of the object of your desire.
  • How to keep your sanity, spirits and self-esteem intact while looking for love.

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  • New groups begin every other month on Mondays @ 10am PST or Saturdays @ 12pm PST. 

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Invest in your heart!

  • Cost for this 8 week group is $795. 


  • Live via Zoom


What you'll learn:

  • You’re a single woman in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s + ready to find your lasting love.
  • Your life is good but you know it can be better with a partner to share it with.
  • You haven’t dated in a long time and have no idea where to start.
  • You've tried dating and are ready to give up.
  • You’re willing to be vulnerable, work through fears and open to love.
  • You’re willing to be present, listen and support other women on the same journey.

Who it's for:

Let this be your safe place. A home base. A judgment free zone. Embark on the journey to re-discover your vision for a lasting, loving, healthy relationship.

Dating Support

  • Encouragement to keep moving forward at your own pace - baby steps or giant leaps.
  • Emotional centering through the highs and lows of dating.
  • Insight as you work through dilemmas and decisions that arise.
  • Support during the early stages of a potential new relationship.
  • A celebration for every brave move you make on your way to finding lasting love.

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  • Rolling enrollment means you can join any time.  Email for open groups and times.

When can I start?

Invest in your heart!

  • $155 per 4-week month 



  • Live via Zoom


What you'll find:

  • You’ve completed the 8 week Lasting Love workshop.
  • You've designed an action plan but need encouragement to stick with it.
  • You enjoyed the connections you made in the 8 week workshop and want to continue.
  • You're ready to find your lasting love. 

Who it's for:

Rebecca is a Certified Clifton-Strengths Coach, Life Purpose Coach, and Authentic Communication Facilitator who found herself suddenly single at 58 when her 17 year relationship ended.
“I never thought I’d be looking for love again at this stage in my life. I wasn’t optimistic. I didn’t know where to start. I tried different dating apps, went to workshops, read books. I took a deep dive into who I was and what mattered most at this stage in my life. Through the process I discovered what worked and what didn’t. I learned how to rebuild my confidence and find  my authentic self. I learned how to be patient when it didn’t happen right away. I learned how to stay sane, resilient and keep my sense of humor until I met my partner. It was worth it! I'm here to help other women find their lasting love without losing themselves.

Rebecca Jennings

Cami McFatridge

Cammy is a Licensed Life Transition Coach with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology working in Pasadena, CA. After a divorce, she spent time in therapy to work on herself and heal to be able to have the confidence to be in a relationship again. She is currently in a monogamous relationship with her partner who also has a daughter and is in the process of becoming a blended family.

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